RePresent Game


I am working as :

Game Art/UI Research Assistant , Game Design Studio / PLAIT

– Creating art assets as characters , backgrounds and objects for different game scenarios
– Creating animations and sprite-sheets using Adobe Flash and Adobe Illustrator
– Creating the User Interface for the game overall and for specific scenarios
– Creating wireframes for game scenarios and Navigation prototyping
– Conducting Usability play testing for the game



More Info About the game I am working on :  General , Court Simulation

Play Test Mad Science , RePresent


Another 3D game ( GeoExplorer ) I am creating the UI :

Mixed-Reality-Phone-Screens Mixed-Reality-Screens

My recent Final Projects for Interactive Information Design / Typography Courses :

– Personality Analyzer Google Glass prototype

( I AM ) Check it

I interned at danger!awesome a laser cutting and 3D printing open studio in Cambridge, MA